Love these children and the family!

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from someone who said she had bid for a photoshoot with me at the Helderberg Animal Welfare Fundraiser and had won and could she possibly book a date for a photoshoot.  I said sure and we made a date a few days later. They live in one of the most beautiful areas in the Helderberg Basin and when I arrived at their home I was met by two of their children and two dogs. Eventually once I got through the gate I had the great pleasure of meeting mom, dad, their son, two daughters, two dogs and two cats. We had so much fun and I so enjoyed the areas of their property where I could shoot. It made for a much more relaxed shoot for the family to have it done at their home. At a certain stage they were struggling to get their youngest daughter, Kayleigh, to co-operate, as she wanted to go and play on her own in her room, so I asked her whether she would show me where she was playing in her room and this broke the ice and I got her to open up. We had so much fun! Here is the result of some of the images I took that day.



Meet Kayleigh, Wyatt and Roxy, three beautiful siblings who get on so well together. I actually love these children so much I offered to babysit them! 🙂



Roxy is a real natural and I will definitely try get her to do a portrait shoot on her own. She is so relaxed in front of the camera and really seems to enjoy it. She is the middle child and such a lovely personality.



Kayleigh is the baby of the family and is a little shy of the camera, but is in a world of her own once you get her into her room with her toys, guitar, hamster etc. etc. She opens up like a beautiful flower telling you all about everything that she loves. She reminded me a lot of myself at that age.



Then we have Wyatt, the eldest. A gentle spirit who loves animals and his family.  What a joy to meet such a lovely young man who is so well mannered and respectful, and I know that it is because of his parents and his upbringing.



Meet Woody, their very old little dog who tried to follow us down the stairs even though it was difficult to get there with his short little legs. A real little sweetie and very close to the whole family, especially Wyatt.



Then we have the cat, Ginger, who is a real beauty and very playful.



The cutest of the bunch is of course, the yorkie, Chase! You just want to cuddle him!  The day I dropped of their photographs he got out and we couldn’t see where he was and then we eventually saw these two little ears sticking out above the grass of the field next door and realised he was after the guinea fowls.



Meet Dad, Gerald, with his son Wyatt. Such a wonderful buddy relationship with this father and son. Both have a really wonderful sense of humour and love to tease each other. His wife, Dawn, who won the prize prefered not to be included in the blog, but maybe you should take a look at what she does as she is the abstract artist in the family and your will find her work here!



While I was doing the shoot I came across this ‘heart’ in the bark of a tree!



Roxy showing me her modelling skills!



Kayleigh in her bedroom cuddling her very big teddybear! Comfort!



Here Wyatt is cuddling his best friend, Woody, while sharing a moment with Roxy on the steps, but Chase is also looking for attention from Wyatt.



Pretty Roxy the natural!



Kayleigh sharing a special close moment with her dad, Gerald!



Roxy sitting against a huge tree on their property with the river that runs through their property in the background.



Kayleigh introduced me to her little hamster that lives in a cage in her room. What a cute little face it has!



This very lucky cat, Ginger, has the most scratch poles any cat could ever wish for!  I’m sure our cat wouldn’t mind visiting there.



Roxy having a fun moment with her dad!



Kayleigh giving me a beautiful smile in her bedroom with the lovely morning light coming through her windows.



Pose for me please Roxy! 🙂


Wyatt with his cute little yorkie, Chase. Love this one of the two of them.


Thank you so much for allowing me into your home to meet and capture these memories of your family!


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