Ella before moving to Australia

I met Ella when she was about 8 years old as she is the daughter of a very good friend of ours! Over the past few years I have done various shoots with her and watched her grow from a cute little girl to a beautiful teenager.  Here is the last shoot I did with her in January 2013 before she and her mom left South Africa to go and live in Australia.  I miss her so much and hope that when she visits again I will be able to do another shoot of this natural beauty, who I believe, will really go far one day! Have a look at these photographs and if you would like a fun Portrait/Portfolio Shoot done of yourself then please contact me and I am sure we will have loads of fun dressing you up for the shoot!  Email me at laurette9@hotmail.com for more information. As you will see many of these items of clothing were purchased at real bargain prices from the Helderberg Hospice Shops a real treasure chest of props for photographers.


719_Ella-0719 copy

The last time Ella and I were together we played around with various pieces of clothing which both of us had, plus some of my handwork and just generally had a lot of fun! Here she is wearing a cotton gypsy blouse and skirt (which I use as props for my shoots). The cushion on the left is one that I sewed, crocheted and embroidered myself. Her headdress is a few material flowers that someone gave to me when they were spring cleaning and I made it into a garland for her hair.



Ella has the most beautiful blue eyes! So sweet and gentle!



Here Ella is wearing a shawl which I got for a ‘song’ at the Helderberg Hospice Shop called 2nd Debut.  They have the most amazing bargains sometimes and it is a great place to go if you are a photographer looking for props for your models to wear.



Here Ella is wearing an old skirt of mine, a crocheted lacey top that I got for a bargain at the Helderberg Hospice Shop, her black top and the black and gold shawl from the Hospice Shop. The shoes she is wearing are her own favourite pair.



A beautiful portrait shot of Ella.



A little bit Vintage and Romantic style look with flowers in her hair.



This one reminds me of Eva Cassidy’s song ‘Fields of Gold’. The shawl is also a secondhand item from Helderberg Hospice Shop.



I love the lace, the light and the Vintage look on Ella.  Just so Romantic! This dress I also got for a bargain from the Hospice Shop, and I use it as a prop for my portfolio shoots.



Well what can I say … I love this one of her having fun!



A true natural beauty enjoying the little forest of trees around her.  I wondered what she was thinking!



Of course the family cat decided that doing a photoshoot was the place to be so it followed us wherever we went. 🙂



I loved the light shining through her moving hair!



Here Ella is wearing her own jeans, a very old  top that I bought secondhand years ago which I tie-dyed and an old cotton headscarf also bought secondhand years ago.



Whatever Ella wears it always looks good on her!



…. and finally the Kitty Cat getting in on the act!



2 Responses to “Ella before moving to Australia”

  1. 1 Edith H.Katzenellenbogen
    October 16, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Laurette: This was an amazing shoot with ‘n “beeldskone” meisie. WELL DONE! So proud of your work. I just love every ensemble and the settings you chose so aptly. Without a doubt, this is your niche. Hope you get to do many more like this. BRAVO! Love, Katzie

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