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A beautiful person I made friends with …..

About a month ago, I had some time to kill while waiting for my stepson in Cape Town. So I decided to take a walk in the Company Gardens at the top of Adderley Street. Well, it was one of the most special and best times I have had for a long time. I met various foreigners walking in the gardens. There was a couple from the United Kingdom who were busy taking photographs of each other amongst the flowers, so I offered to take a photograph of the two of them, but never got their names. They seemed very grateful. Then there was a beautiful young girl with her family from Denmark, who was having a wonderful time feeding the pigeons and the squirrels. I couldn’t  help but capture a few of those special moments and then started chatting to her family about their trip out to Cape Town. Before we parted I offered to send the photographs to this young girl once she got back to her home country if she would just contact me on Facebook. We have now connected and here are the photographs of Emma Larsen feeding the pigeons and the squirrels.