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Anya’s Maternity shoot & Emily’s arrival

At the end of 2013 I had a special on Maternity/Newborn Shoots and Anya Black decided that it was a good idea and purchased one. So on the 5th January, when she was close to her date, she decided it was time to do the Maternity shoot which we shot at the Helderberg Nature Reserve on a very overcast day. Then finally Emily was born on 18th January, which is my mom’s birthday (just by the way) and we eventually did the newborn shoot on the 26th January, 2014 when Emily was only 8 days old. We then did another shoot again on the 16th March (which was my late sister’s birthday). I loved the way that Derrick and Anya included their first child Lilli-Hannah in EVERYTHING and made her feel a part of the whole pregnancy and birth. Lilli-Hannah is crazy about her new sister and about her parents and I hope that you can see the love in these images that I have captured over the course of the 3 shoots.


959_AnyaBlack_-1013-1Lilli-Hannah sat down and promptly folded her arms and very spontaneously so did mom and dad!


959_Rainbow-996-1 copyA special feeling of love exists between these two wonderful parents.


14775669-1Such a close relationship with her mom and so excited to be meeting a new sister.


15587451-1Nearly there!


14008254-1Listening to mom’s tummy to hear whether she can hear anything!


1782088_10152180241877040_888876428_nSuch a lovely close family!


1779201_10152180184452040_1488051413_nA very special relationship exists between this father and his little princess!  Lilli-Hannah and Derrick having a bit of quality time together!


1800273_10152180217757040_1821627769_nHolding her and protecting her in the palm of their hands at only eight days old!


1240376_10152180254517040_472701514_nMom’s precious little newborn daughter, Emily!


1623571_10152180195097040_48420965_nA new Princess is born!  Hand crocheted silver crown by Laurette van der Merwe.


998135_10152180249592040_292806926_nOne of the most beautiful gifts is a father’s love!


11575_10152180204532040_1026311623_nSharpenedEdgesAn angel sent from heaven to bless this little family!


10080_10152180227557040_422211070_nLilli-Hannah kissing her little sister, Emily’s tiny toes!


1016416_10152180205452040_574778982_nSharpenedEdgesI wonder what is going through her mind?


1743478_10152180219677040_760884909_nPrecious tiny bundle of joy in mom’s arms!


Untitled-2One happy family!


DSC_0092-1Anya having quality time with her daughter, Lilli-Hannah.


DSC_0112-1Oh what bliss to just lie there and ‘chill’!


DSC_0223-1Two very tiny feet that are going to be active soon!


DSC_0241-1Such absolutely awesome sibling LOVE for her tiny little sister!


SharpenEdgesX2Mom and Dad’s wedding rings to show how tiny her feet are!


BlackHands-1All their hands together to show the size of Emily’s hands!


1902963_10152180251157040_1952823838_nSharpenedEdgesBeautiful sleeping baby girl, Emily! Headband hand crocheted by Laurette van der Merwe.


Untitled-1 copySisters having a cuddle!


DSC_0228-1One beautifully happy family all together!



Suzette’s Maternity Shoot

I have known Suzette for a long time as I used to teach her Rhythmic Gymnastics many years ago and she used to coach with me.  Suzette was also one of my eight rhythmic gymnasts that I took on a tour to Toronto, Canada, in 1998 to take part in a competition hosted by some of my very special Canadian friends whom we had hosted on their tour in 1997.  Suzette is married to Nico Olivier and they have a boy, Sam and a girl Bella, plus their very precious and special adopted son Josh who has just started high school this year. They are a wonderful family and have loads of fun. Suzette is extremely fit and I was totally amazed how agile she was during the shoot.  This is a family very close to my heart and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them all and cannot wait to meet Rebecca when she arrives in about 10 days time. I also know it won’t take Suzette long to get back into shape with all the spin classes and surfing etc. that she does.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, please, and if you are pregnant and interested in booking a shoot please email me at


Suzette, Sam, Bella, Nico and Josh


Nico and Suzette having a bit of fun with Bella


Such a lovely couple!


Bella can’t wait to meet her new little sister!


Bella and Sam waiting patiently for their new little baby sister, Rebecca.


Suzette looking forward to meeting her new baby in about 10days time!


My favourite image of Suzette expecting her newborn!


Beautiful mother to be of Rebecca.


That teddy is going to be replaced soon by her newborn.


Another favourite of mine.


I know many who are not even pregnant who cannot get anywhere near this position!


Taking time out to enjoy the shoot!


Waiting for Rebecca!


Keeping her warm!


Parental bliss!


Beautiful Suzette so happy to be expecting her newborn soon!