Impromptu shoot that made my day!

The other day I went to do a shoot with a couple of Kanga moms and their Kanga babies. What incredible work they do of looking after these little babies during the time that the birth mother needs to make up her mind whether she wants to keep her baby or put the baby up for adoption.  I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster they go through!

Anyway, when I arrived one of the Kanga moms had brought her daughter along, who Aupairs this really cute little boy.  Well, I didn’t realise that he was the son of a friend, as I hadn’t seen her for so long.  He is such a cute little thing and so extremely responsive to the camera as well as me, that I had a hard time not clicking my camera so many times.  What a joy some little people are to one and how they brighten up one’s day just by their little smiles and reactions to your prompts.  What a total joy and a blessing he must be to his family.  I just love him to bits!  Please enjoy just a few of the images that I took of him!

883_Liam_ (3)

What a funny lady you are with that thing growing on the front of your face!


883_Liam_ (4)

You want me to show my teeth … well, here they are!


883_Liam_ (6)

Oh my goodness, where did she go now?


883_Liam_ (9)

Oh, Madam you are quite entertaining!


883_Liam_ (11)

Don’t you think she is such a funny lady?


883_Liam_ (17)

Oh, boy there she is again!


883_Liam_ (21)

Now where has she gone?


883_Liam_ (22)

I feel so coy when she plays cooee with me … I think I’ll just eat up the props so that she doesn’t notice! 🙂



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