‘Four Seasons’ in Freeform Fibre Art

In 2009 I took part in the Freeform Fibre Art Challenge when 52 Freeform Fibre Artists around the world, created pieces for the ‘Four Seasons’ Book which was sold for charity through Blurb.com. We were allowed to take one, two , three or all four seasons and interpret them together or separately in our creations. As the only South African, I chose to do all four seasons separately!  Here they are:

NAMAQUALAND SPRING In spring time, not far from where I live, is Namaqualand, known world wide for its beautiful carpets of flowers in the fields that grow wild and attract thousands of visitors every year in September. I have created the front panels of a WAISTCOAT to depict their beauty into a piece of wearable art.

SUMMER SUNSET In the summer my husband and I love to go for walks along the beach and watch the sun set behind the mountains. This CUSHION that I have created depicts those special times.

On the back of this ‘Summer’ cushion I have created a bit of ‘Spring’

AUTUMN GLORY In the autumn, at our home, where we live, there are many trees and of course we are constantly picking up thousands of leaves. This WALL HANGING depicts this wonderful time where there seems to be such a magnificent variety of colour in all the leaves.

A WINTER DREAM Where I live we seldom get snow on our mountains, and never on our ground, so with this WALL HANGING I depicted my dream of snow and snowflakes, but also the large amount of rain that we actually do experience every winter, which feeds the ground, so that our spring times are always so beautiful.

If you are interested in Freeform FibreArt then why don’t you visit their website to find out more about this amazingly creative ART!


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