Photography is not all I can do …..!

I taught Modern Dancing and Rhythmic Gymnastics for 28 years before I stopped in June 2006 when my sister was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and we all knew that she wasn’t going to last much longer!  I made the decision to stop because I knew that I wanted to be with her to help her and care for her in the last few days, weeks or months that she might have left.  28 years was a long time and at the age of 52 I really needed a break as well to do something else in my life. I had always created things whether they were crocheted or knitted items, cardmaking with various crafting skills, sketching or painting etc. You name it I would try it out. So when my sister eventually passed away only about a month or so later, on the 30 July, I decided to pursue a career in the Arts and Crafts and started up classes from home teaching people many skills that I had taught myself. Over the next while I will post some of the various items that I created in the next 4 years.   The first craft that I have chosen to display is one of my great passions … Freeform Fibre Art!  I joined the International Freeform Fibre Art Guild and in my first year 2008 I entered their Annual Challenge!  The theme was ‘Through your eyes’ and her is my piece which I created and my poem which explained my piece of work!  My work was published in their annual Book which is an exhibition of all the members around the world who choose to take part. That year there were 35 of us and I was the only one from South Africa! Here is the link to the Published Book which is sold on Blurb.com which is sold for charity!

My Freeform Fibre Art Piece in the International Freeform Fibre Art Book titled ‘Through Our Eyes’

This is the poem I wrote which accompanied my Freeform Fibre Art Piece.


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