Ben’s Baby Shoot & Family

A little while ago I had the privilege of doing a Baby Shoot with Ben and his family.  His mom’s friend had bought them a Baby Package Shoot as a gift to his parents.  I had known his mother from my Rhythmic Gymnastic coaching days when she was an artistic gymnast, but had not met her husband and two children. They were such a wonderful family to photograph and little Ben was a real star.  Here are just a few of the photographs I took that hour that I spent with them at their home.

Pappa Wessel holding Ben in his hand.

Ben showing me his cute little feet.

Blowing bubbles is what babies do!

In Mama Liezl’s arms.

Giving us a beautiful smile!

Mama Liezl’s protective hand on her son Ben’s head!

The family’s hands!

Precious Motherhood!

Ben with Liezl and Wessel enjoying a close moment together!

One of my favourites!

A Father’s hand compared to his baby son!

Love this one too! Sleeping on Mama’s chest!

A special Father and Son bonding moment.

“Did you say something?”

“Okay nothing, then I’ll go back to sleep again if you don’t mind!”

One of Ben’s beautiful teddy bears.

Another one of my favourites because of the closeness of mother and son!

A beautiful threesome!

A happy and very tender moment captured.

… and then Ben’s little brother woke up!

Love hanging on the baby room door!

Okay, come on give us a final smile!


1 Response to “Ben’s Baby Shoot & Family”

  1. April 22, 2012 at 7:15 am

    I have been fortunate to share this special couple’s life from the first moments of their love. These beautiful pictures of baby Ben portray the very special bond between all of them

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