Fun with Pierre and Nichelle

Last night  my hubby and I met someone that touched our hearts … and this lead to me doing a Photo Shoot with him and his beautiful girlfriend to celebrate their 10 months together.  You know when you meet some people they just seem to crawl into your lives so unobtrusively and they grab hold of your heart!  Well these two did just that and I spent a wonderful late afternoon on Sunday capturing memories for them that will last forever. We had so much fun and it seems that we were all just in the right mood to create beautiful pictures that speak to the spectator!  Thank you Pierre and Nichelle for the wonderful time I spent with you and I will hold you to the promise that I can photograph your wedding and all that follows!  What an AWESOME time I had because two people love each other so much that it is impossible to not get beautiful shots!

The light of love shines through!

A precious moment sharing their love.

Walking towards the setting sun!

Happy together …

What an awesome place we live in and what an awesome day to remember!

Loving hands!

What more could you want … the moon, the birds, the mountains and two lovers together!

Loving the sunset!

His precious girl!


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