Gabby’s 4th Birthday Party

Last Saturday afternoon I spent a wonderful funfilled time with Gabby, her family and friends photographing her 4th Birthday Party.  Last year I photographed her 3rd Birthday Party themed Alice in Wonderland at Fun in the Forest and this year her 4th birthday was held at the Hellenic Club in Green Point themed with Fairies and Smurfs. Every year her parents go to such trouble with a magnificent costume specially made for her and a beautiful cake, plus all the other decorations, food etc. Gabriella is a very blessed little girl!  Here are just a few of the many photographs that I took for her Party Package Shoot.  Read more about my Party Packages, Specials and Portfolio on my website Laurette’s Photography!

The beautiful cupcakes each individually created

The fabulous Birthday Cake

The Party Girl having her makeup done

The Decor and Party Table

The happy family before it all started

Fairy Fun

A bucket of yummy marshmallows

What is more fun?  Eating the marshmallow or listening to the Head Fairy?

That was fun in the jumping castle now to look for something else to do!

Great tasting Smurf head!


Okay, now to undo these knots so I can get at the party pack goodies!  Why do they tie them so tightly?  Don’t they realise I only have baby fingers!

At last mom realised I wanted to have a bash at the piñata!

Looking a bit dishevelled because that was hard work doing pass-the-parcel, but I got my reward in the end!!!

Playing Hide-and-Seek

Playing games with my friends was such great fun!

I found a flower, just wait I need to put it behind my ear!

Here I come … I’m going to catch you!

“Okay everyone, walk run and when I say stop jump into a position and freeze!”  Luckily there was a photographer here to catch my ‘freeze’ action!

I’m a big girl now so I’m lighting my own candles this year!

Little fingers always know how to find the holes in Jumping Castles!

Okay, now where is the one the that I wanted?  Why do they always put the one that I want at the bottom of the jar?


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